Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stock Shopping List

Hello Stockhoppers, I thought I would pass along a list of stocks that you should at least put on your stock shopping buy list as they are poised to advance on momentum. Here is my Stock Shopping List as of 7/24.

Low - break above 21.37
dhi - break above 10.99
cbg - break above 15.31
kg - break above 8.91
hrb- break above 15.36
df - break above 12.16
tlab- break above 7.75
tsn - break above 18.09
wmb - break above 19.84
ipg - break above 8.34
nwl - break above 15.93
amd - break above 7.94

I hope this helps you in your search for the next big mover. Until next time, I hope all your stocks are moving in the right direction.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pick a Stock Chart any Stock Chart

Hello Stockhoppers, Well it has been a while since I have touched base. Life has been busy but I have continued to follow this failing market. Oddly enough my last blog was somewhere around June 8th and i could use that same blog to describe things today, although because of the length of this downturn it makes it......well to keep it simple SCARY! this is if you are not short, if you are short this market kudos to you. I am not even going to post any charts today because most of them tell the exact same story and that is the bottom hopefully is coming soon but not many technical indicators are telling us this.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR NOW? I am waiting for the correction. Keep an eye on your exponential moving averages. We are see many double bottoms, will they break support? we will find out here soon. But yes there will be a correction, so my advice would be to keep that money on the sideline for now and wait to get FIRM CONFIRMATION on the correction and get on board. Currently I own just a few hundred shares of Tellab, I am currently in the red with this one but it is showing some promise of correcting.

I hope your trades are heading in the right direction and until next time happy stock charting!!