Friday, May 28, 2010

Will We See Any Follow Through??!!!!

Good Morning Stockhoppers, No charts today, I would imagine if you are in or got in the market yesterday you made some money....if you did not...well that is just bad luck as the market obviously surged yesterday.

Lets look at the real question at hand. WILL WE SEE FOLLOW THROUGH!!?? look at most any chart and you will see that they are at or approaching their 13 day exponential moving average the million dollar question, will we see the follow through or will it bounce off the 13 ema and move south.

Be very careful here, it is very easy to become overly optimistic after a day like yesterday. Be a smart trader, if you study the charts you know there is always an opportunity patient as I have preached over and over again. Remember the market always seems to be in a good mood right before a holiday.

Have a great memorial day weekend, get some rest...and until next time..chart wisely today.

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